• Agnes Team

The Agnes approach: Personalised marketing and brand alignment for franchises

At Agnes Media, we understand the complex challenges that franchises face. That’s why we work to support both franchisors and their franchisees to grow the brand by creating both tailored digital marketing strategies and implementation plans.

Here, we illustrate how our services help with brand awareness and can drive profitable new customer sales to franchisees.

Consistency is a two-way street

Franchising is all about consistency. Whilst franchisors must prioritise building their brand and driving awareness for scale, the franchisee is more focused on activity that has an immediate impact on sales.

The two are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, with brand alignment and a highly strategic marketing approach, we can help franchisors and franchisees reach all their goals in tandem. It’s about attracting new customers, driving revenue growth, increasing loyalty and repeat sales, and creating ambassadors for your franchise.

The benefits of partnering with Agnes

We will develop a strong overarching marketing strategy that will help your franchise maximise its marketing potential, while ensuring consistency to grow the brand across all locations. This is achieved through:

  • Centralised marketing: Connecting data analytics to drive strategy, campaign management, visibility and transparency into investment and performance.

  • Credibility and expertise: Digital marketing experts using data-driven insights to accelerate business growth.

  • Real-time reporting: Online dashboard syncing data and key metrics for every franchisee.

“We understand the nuances of a franchised business structure and we are here to support all key stakeholders to provide the best experience and maximise every franchisee’s ROI,” says Charlotte Ward, Agnes Founder and Director.

“We also recognise that friction can occur throughout the chain, and a lack of transparency can creep in when it comes to investing marketing levies, which we are here to solve.”

Our approach

No matter the client or industry, we work directly with you towards achievable and measurable business-oriented objectives. Our tailored media strategies are grounded in four key pillars:

  • Analyse - Our robust analytics expertise ensures we plan and buy media that is most effective for your brand, while analysing all customer interactions across both owned and paid channels.

  • Optimise - We optimise your media investment ongoing, recommending copy and creative tests; various forms of audience segmentation and leveraging a cross-channel approach to drive greater profitability.

  • Create - Our creative team develop and deploy high performing creative tailored to each channel to drive optimal impact. We can optimise your existing assets or develop new assets for your brand.

  • Measure - We ensure media buys are tied to your key business objectives, with tailored measurement methodologies to track what is driving success resulting in a more effective ROI.

“As an agency, our approach to media campaign management is centered around generating the strongest performance outcomes possible, whilst providing our fully customised and bespoke reporting dashboards for full transparency into campaign performance,” Charlotte says.

“Our goal is to generate the most profitable outcome for franchisees and to get businesses excited about marketing.”

Looking to take your franchise to the next level? Get better brand alignment and a highly targeted marketing approach by partnering with Agnes. Speak to Rakesh Pankhania, Commercial Director on 0432 219 374 or email, rakesh@agnes.media