• Agnes Team

Scaling up: How a tailored approach can support your paid media strategy

Investing in paid media can be the difference between ‘just staying afloat’ and standing head and shoulders above your competitors. But for startups and entrepreneurs especially, there’s a risk that if you get your strategy wrong then your capital could quickly diminish.

That’s why implementing a scaled approach to paid media can help maximise even the most limited budgets.

Why a scaled approach is essential

There’s no denying that starting up a new business, or recognising that you need to invest in a growth strategy, can be a daunting time as an owner. Time is short and money is tight, but you know that you need to invest in the right advertising channels in order to open your brand up to a wider pool of potential customers.

Add to those concerns the expense for a startup to invest in paid media with a limited budget, and it’s understandable why so many young businesses are averse to ad spend.

The good news is that you don’t have to put your business on the line just to dip your toe into paid media. With a scaled approach, you can maximise your media spend through careful testing – no matter how limited the budget – before increasing that spend and adding new channels to the mix.

Measurement supports your decision-making

The testing phase is arguably the most important part of any scaled approach. This is because you are able to measure customer response and your overall return on investment. With effective measurement tools, you can see exactly what is driving the path to purchase for your customers.

This is a key strategy that can help you scale up from a regular startup to a more profitable brand with increased market share.

Building a plan together

At Agnes Media, we work with a diversity of startups on managing and rolling out their paid media strategies. We deliberately incorporate a tailored approach for every small business, adopting plans that allow us to adequately test a range of tactics with limited spends. This allows us to identify what is and isn’t resonating with audiences, before increasing spends in a highly strategic manner.

For the Aussie beauty startup Beached, we helped them overcome their struggles to drive positive return on ad spend (ROAS) by deploying a tailored scaling and testing framework. Using minimal budgets over a three-week period, we identified what would generate the most effective sales outcomes and then scaled up spend to x1400% across Facebook. Following strong success across both Facebook and Instagram, the Beached brand launched on Snapchat to continue leveraging their momentum.

“The multi-channel performance marketing strategy ran across Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat and Google Ads, and Agnes Media has been the first partner to deliver results,” says Meg Gordon, Founder & CEO at Beached.

“Charlotte is incredibly friendly, professional and passionate about what she does, constantly optimising our campaign, researching new ideas and making recommendations to achieve business targets.”

Ready to take advantage of paid media and maximise your budget accordingly? We can help you tailor the right approach. Speak to the experts at Agnes Media on (02) 8593 3290 or email Hello@Agnes.media to start the conversation.