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Paid media marketing: Top tips for your long-term B2B strategy

Just because you’ve rolled out a successful B2C campaign, that doesn’t necessarily mean your tactics will transfer to a B2B marketing strategy. While there are common elements between the two, there are distinct nuances you must be mindful of when approaching a paid media B2B campaign.

In our previous blog, we outlined why B2B marketers need a unique approach. Today we’re taking that idea to the next level and exploring how to leverage your paid media marketing for a solid return on investment. Here are the top factors to consider in the planning stage of your B2B marketing strategy.

1. Balance the short term with the long term

According to research collated by the B2B Institute for its report The B2B Effectiveness Code, B2B marketers are focused too acutely on “small, short-term, rational and tightly targeted campaigns”. Instead, there must be a good balance between short-term sales activation (54%) and long-term brand building (46%).

Most critical to their findings, however, was the advice that you should invest in paid media advertising to people who are currently not in the market. While it sounds counterintuitive, this unique marketing approach has the data to back it up. New research shows that 95% of businesses are not currently in the market for goods and services. That means you need to shift your B2B advertising approach so that when they do enter the market, they are already familiar with your brand and will see you as the best point of contact.

2. Personalise the end user

It’s true that B2B marketing is more nuanced than B2C and therefore requires you to look at your paid ad strategy through a different lens – but don’t get hung up on this fact. Why? Because at the end of the sales funnel, your B2B leads are people too. They are business owners and stakeholders and key decision-makers, so they want to be spoken to as an individual, not a corporation.

Lose the corporate, unapproachable tone and start to infuse some of those successful B2C strategies into your B2B campaign. They often perform better when you consider the end user as a human who needs to take an action while interacting with your messaging.

3. Feedback is a key measurement tool

Every effective B2B marketing strategy must ensure that feedback from your leads is shared between the media and sales teams – as well as anyone else who is interacting with, and trying to close, those leads.

The risk of basing your entire strategy around media metrics (like cost-per-leads) is that it fails to truly measure how the campaign is performing. After all, to get an accurate reflection of campaign performance, you need to take in its full scope – from lead capture to lead scoring to lead conversion. And feedback will help improve your strategy at every stage, while allowing you to measure holistically how the B2B campaign is performing.

4. Embrace the cross-channel approach

Knowing how and where to spend your B2B media budget is arguably more challenging than B2C campaigns. It typically requires a niche understanding of certain platforms, and acknowledgement that targeting will be more limited. That just makes getting the channel and audience mix right even more important.

The best way to maximise your spend is to take a cross-channel approach to your campaign. This will allow you to test – and re-test – so you can identify the most effective outcome for your B2B strategy. This agile management style is part of Agnes Media’s DNA as an agency. We test, iterate and improve on all campaign performance, which is why we are the ideal partner to support your next B2B paid campaign.

Ready to bolster your B2B strategy and turn those paid advertising dollars into tangible returns (i.e. new customers)?

Speak to the friendly team at Agnes Media on (02) 8593 3290 or email Hello@Agnes.media to start the conversation.

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