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How to make Black Friday the best sales day of the year for your brand

Black Friday has exploded beyond the boundaries of the United States and is now a staple on every Australian’s shopping calendar. For eCommerce brands, it’s right up there with Christmas and Boxing Day sales in terms of opportunities to turn a big profit, but it’s also becoming harder to be seen among the competition.

To help you stand out from the crowd, we’ve compiled these tips so you can make Black Friday 2021 the best one yet.

What you need to know about Black Friday 2021

After an extremely challenging couple of years, Australian businesses are in line for their biggest Black Friday ever, according to figures from Roy Morgan. A record $5.4 billion is expected to be spent over the four-day Black Friday period (Nov 26–29), with November now the biggest shopping month of the year – overtaking holiday-rich December.

That means if you haven’t already planned on rolling out a paid media campaign for Black Friday, it’s time to do exactly that or risk falling behind your competition. Ready to take the reins and become a standout performer this Black Friday? Here are five tips to supercharge your brand.

1. ‘Warm up’ your prospects in the lead-up

Paid campaigns for key retail periods shouldn’t be a one-and-done rollout. Instead, it’s wise to implement a seeding strategy well ahead of Black Friday that begins weeks – or sometimes even months – beforehand. The advantage of this approach is that it will help nurture audiences and drive awareness of your brand even before major sales are announced.

You can capture data on users who engage with your campaign messaging during this seeding period, which makes it easier to re-engage them when your Black Friday sales are live. The result is a potentially lucrative group of prospects who are already ‘warmed up’.

2. Focus on cross-platform marketing

Even during normal trading periods, we don’t recommend that eCommerce brands focus all their efforts on a single platform – but especially not during huge events like Black Friday.

Since it’s a highly competitive period, ad costs will increase significantly across all platforms. It’s therefore much better to spread your brand – and your marketing spend – across multiple platforms in order to gain more scope to optimise and improve sales outcomes.

3. Accept that this will be an expensive time to advertise

It bears repeating that ad campaigns during peak sales periods are expensive for businesses. If you want to get in front of as many eyes as possible, your eCommerce brand is going to have to spend more than during other times of the year. But if your campaign is rolled out well, the ROI will be more than worth it.

The bottom line: expect costs to increase across all digital platforms, because all your competitors want the same thing as you.

4. Expand your creative assets

A key part of Agnes Media’s DNA is to help our clients generate the best outcomes from a return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) perspective. That’s why we highly recommend eCommerce brands to incorporate a range of creative assets for their Black Friday campaigns.

Text, imagery, videos and widgets all have their strengths, so make sure you are giving your campaign the best chance to succeed with plenty of variety. This will also give the platforms more scope to learn and optimise performance.

5. Get on Black Friday lists

Most digital (and physical) media outlets will be publishing Black Friday specials in the days and weeks leading up to November 26. Why is that important? Because so many consumers find out about great deals from these lists – especially busy people who don’t have the time to research everything your brand offers.

You could even create a list of your own top items that are on sale this Black Friday – then spread the message on your socials and via eDMs to your leads (both warm and cold).

It’s not too late for your brand to capitalise on a bumper Black Friday campaign.

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