• Agnes Team

How good creative benefits performance marketing

When it comes to digital media campaigns, it is essential that your media and creative are aligned and work together from the very beginning.

Collaboration is key, so approaching the creative and content management process simultaneously with the media strategy and appropriate objective in-mind will help you achieve an optimal outcome from your investment. Even the most creative campaigns won’t perform well if they are not aligned with the respective channel or desired outcome.

But how exactly do you do that?

Performance isn’t just based on the technical set-up. Ads are designed for humans, and everyone knows humans can be fickle creatures. They know what they like and dislike, and the sheer wealth of advertising they are exposed to every day means they need to be convinced something is worth their time. People have no problem ignoring uninteresting copy or imagery.

Outside of understanding what your audiences prefer, your performance agency or in-house Marketer must be able to provide guidance around the type of creative that’s best-in-class for your particular channels. Business owners or Marketing decision makers are often biased in what they believe people want to see – but confusing copy, unclear calls to action (CTAs) and outdated static imagery simply won’t cut it in your hypercompetitive industry.

Make your audience want it

When a campaign calls for a performance-led objective – like downloading an eBook or purchasing a product – your creative needs to be platform specific, clear and eye-catching. You’re asking your customers to stop in their tracks and take a specific action.

The job of a performance agency like Agnes, is to put you in the best possible position to be seen, whilst ensuring your copy and visuals play a starring role throughout your campaign and optimised to achieve your specific performance objective..

Consider a campaign that leverages Snapchat or Instagram Stories. Your creative needs to be native to the channel it’s being advertised on. Each ad needs to feel like it belongs there – as opposed to a broad-strokes advertisement that is cloned across different platforms. You’ve probably seen thousands of these on your own feed: an Instagram Story with a landscape image, cropped top and bottom with a long, cut-off caption beneath it. That’s not the type of advertising that encourages customers to take action.

The platform matters

Research from HubSpot reveals that 50% of Instagram users prefer image-based ads that show product shots and light-coloured text, 31% prefer video-based ads and 24% prefer a video-based ad that showcases how the product works.

That same research found that the majority of people (80%) don’t care if an ad includes a discount coupon. This suggests they are more interested in how an ad looks and what it communicates than anything else. This highlights the value of getting your creative right, regardless of the offer.

Each platform is limited in its ability to optimise

Providing each platform with more variations will generate a much better outcome. One caveat: too many creative variations will spread your budget thin, which can ultimately limit learnings. At Agnes Media, we work directly with our clients to provide a tailored solution, including recommendations around the ideal number of variations and what format styles will ultimately drive the best outcome.

Creative fatigue drives away customers

When a user is served the same ad repeatedly, ad recall drops. Prospects are no longer engaged, they don’t feel like the experience is personalised, and you’ve lost a potential customer due to something as simple as a lack of creative iterations. Monitoring and measuring downward trends in metrics such as click-through rates (CTRs), conversion rates (CR) and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) can identify when you need to refresh your assets.

Learnings are limited without variations

Incorporating more creative variations will also allow you to understand what resonates most with your target audience, delivering the insight needed to continue providing the best experience for them. We recommend incorporating a clear testing framework to understand what will drive the best output for your campaign. Variations can include colour, messaging, CTA and style of imagery.

Your digital performance agency should work with your brand team or creative agency. This way they can provide optimal recommendations designed to drive the best results for your campaign, whether it be a one-off promotion of BAU campaign.

Need to deliver results for your brand? Get in touch with us for a tailored solution that will integrate creative and performance strategies.