• Agnes Team

Diversify your social approach to include other platforms

No matter your business type or technical proficiency, there’s clear value in leveraging the power of social media. Particularly if your organisation relies on e-commerce sales – a growing trend thanks to pandemic-induced market changes – it’s essential that you engage with audiences where they are spending their time: on social platforms.

But there’s a risk in putting all your eggs in one basket. To truly get the most out of your social efforts, you need to reach out across multiple platforms.

The ‘power of one’ is not always powerful

Almost every business – from the burgeoning startups to the largest multinationals – has a Facebook or LinkedIn page, or a Google My Business listing.

However, by only having a Facebook page or only being active on LinkedIn, you’re restricting yourself to the basics. Essentially, your entire social media approach is only about targeting one specific audience, which limits yourself from potential interested users. Each platform targets different age groups, demographics and offers differing buying strategies, so how do you know where you should be reaching out?

A good starting point is to see what your competitors are doing. Are they present across other platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest? If so, why aren’t you doing the same? They are communicating with active users on those social sites without having to battle you for their attention.

The cost of being social

If you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to engaging with your customers, it’s easy to believe that focusing on Google and Facebook will earn the greatest returns. After all, these two giants are highly effective channels for reaching audiences and generating sales.

While that’s true, standing out from the incredible number of businesses that also advertise on Google and Facebook can be challenging. Instead, using your social budget to include other channels could prove more cost-effective – while opening your brand up to more people and allowing you to reach an incremental audience.

Consider alternative channels

There’s a list of hugely popular social platforms that are allowing businesses to advertise to the right people at the right time – at a much lower cost and with a growing range of formats, targeting options and bidding capabilities.

From Reddit to TikTok, Snapchat to Twitch, more and more Australian businesses are starting to realise the value in the ‘second tier’ of social media platforms. TikTok, for example, is fantastic for shareability and getting engagement from invested users, while Reddit has unique opportunities thanks to its efficient targeting capabilities. They won’t all match the needs of your business, but there’s likely to be far more potential – at a cheaper ad price – plus more opportunities to attract new customers.

No one can deny the power of Facebook and Instagram, but at Agnes, we are regularly testing new channels and tactics for clients to gauge if we can derive greater value and ROI from alternate platforms whilst increasing share-of-voice (SOV) and driving incremental reach by expanding our channel mix. This can greatly assist brands in driving greater cost efficiencies whilst allowing them to identify how to best leverage social to connect with key prospects.

If you want to leverage the strength of multiple social media platforms, testing out less-known channels can reveal hidden – yet potentially lucrative – new audiences. Unsure where to begin? Speak to the friendly team at Agnes Media on (02) 8593 3290 or email Hello@Agnes.media to start the conversation.